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At CCC&Co., we equip leaders with the tools to dismantle organizational barriers that hinder success.


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We specialize in transformative leadership and organizational evolution. Our mission is to guide leaders and organizations towards a future where compassion, justice, and inclusivity are not just ideals but integral aspects of their DNA.


With a commitment to fostering cultural transformation and providing strategic consulting, CCC&Co. offers a unique blend of services designed to empower organizations to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape. Join us in reshaping leadership narratives, embracing freedom, and building workplaces that reflect the true essence of compassionate and just leadership. We are here to help.


The positive change starts with you.

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At Celina Caesar-Chavannes & Co., we believe in a world where justice isn’t an aspiration—it’s an accessible reality. Our mission goes beyond Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) by integrating their lessons with traditional leadership competencies and people skills. This strategy ensures the democratization of justice (i.e. removal of barriers), fostering organizations and spaces where every individual thrives regardless of their identity.


Intentionally Supporting Compassionate Leadership for the People, Planet, and Profit


We equip leaders with the tools to drive tangible change—creating spaces free from barriers and filled with opportunities. We offer a suite of services meticulously crafted to cultivate compassionate and inclusive justice frameworks within organizations using our comprehensive COIL Process.


Keynote and Event Speakers
Cultural Transformation and Strategic Consulting
Leadership Training and Workshops

My process is simple.

I guarantee that you will have the tools to develop compassionate leaders who create spaces of belonging, innovation, and collaboration.

  • First, schedule a free 30 minute consultation with me.

  • Then, I'll work with you to identify key priority pain points within your organization

  • Finally, we'll implement the plan together using my "It's okay to make mistakes, but it's not okay to fail" approach.

National & International Recognition

The Proof is in The Praise

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I booked Celina to wrap Black History Month up with a powerful call to action to fuel the conversations we will have in the coming months, and my god did she deliver. The balance between the research and the heart was so impactful. I immediately started receiving multiple messages from attendees with comments like “Wow. Just wow” and “one of the best and most authentic/real presentations I have seen in a long time”.

— Shereen Samuels, Head of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion
Gowling WLG
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Celina is an amazing speaker. Her guest lecture with students and faculty at Memorial University was invigorating, insightful, authentic and fun. Celina’s unapologetic, often blunt, reflections on politics and the state of Canadian democracy were carefully woven together with a thread of empathy that makes her a transformative leader. She oozes personality and we were hanging off her every word. What a delight!

— Dr. Alex Marland
Professor of Political Science & Author of Whipped
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Celina’s talk was incredibly inspiring and so well received by all participants. Celina is an absolute joy to listen to, she speaks with such elegance, wisdom and kindness that is truly infectious. Her personal experiences are relatable to all and she speaks with authenticity that encourages others to think deeper and critically about themselves. It is a privilege to be in the audience!

— Laura (Daniel) Beneteau EIT, MBA
EllisDon Corp
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It was a great honour to have Celina speak at our first-ever Domestic Economic Abuse and Injustice Summit. The entire CCFWE community loved her intuitive presentation. I have received many favourable remarks about Celina’s inspiring and informative keynote presentation and the style in which she delivered this powerful information. One particular quote that stood out for me was ‘I don’t need to empathize with your pain to be compassionate towards your cause’. Now more than ever, we needed to hear Celina’s compelling and informative keynote.

— Canadian Center for Women’s Empowerment
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